It’s been months since the Palaszczuk Government won a second term of government and we’re still waiting to see action to deliver on their commitment to protect the free-flowing rivers and floodplains of western Queensland’s Channel Country.

I’m a third-generation grazier from “Noonbah”, south of Longreach, and I’ve never seen as significant a threat to this extraordinary country as the fracking industry represents.

Like many folk from my area, I was relieved when the Palaszczuk Government made a commitment to protect the free-flowing rivers and floodplains I rely on, in the lead up to the 2017 state election.

Previous governments put in place protections against large and destructive developments, ensuring some of the world’s last free-flowing inland rivers and richest floodplain pastures were safeguarded for generations to come.

But in 2013, these protections were cut back; exposing the Channel Country’s rivers and floodplains to exploitation by fracking. This decision places the health of our water supplies and the survival of wildlife at risk and threatens the future of our vibrant communities.

Recently, flood waters have again flowed across the Channel Country floodplains, breathing new life into our landscape and throwing our businesses a lifeline.

But, the gas fracking industry is lining up to mine our fertile floodplains.

So, I’m asking you to take a moment to tell your Member of Parliament, and the Minister for the Environment and Minister for Planning to act swiftly and deliver on their election commitment.

Add your voice today. Tell your MP to protect the Channel Country’s floodplains from fracking, before it’s too late.

Thank you. Angus Emmott, Longreach, Qld