Right now, the Premier and her leadership team are considering whether to deliver on their commitment to protect our Channel Country rivers and floodplains from gas fracking.

It’s been almost 5 years since the Palaszczuk Government promised to protect this global icon but they’ve failed to act and Minister Lynham continues to open up the region to gas fracking.

We have less than a year till another state election and if they don’t act swiftly they’ll run out of time and fail to deliver yet again. 

We can’t let them break their promise. Will you tell the Premier it’s time to save our precious Channel Country? 

The Cooper, Diamantina and Georgina rivers bring life to the dry heart of Australia as they feed into Lake Eyre. These rivers are among the last remaining free flowing desert rivers in the world, with their floodplains sustaining Outback communities, tourism and organic beef enterprises. 

For its Traditional Owners, the Channel Country is a rich cultural landscape. The rivers and the floodplains are marked with resting places, birthing places, places of ceremony, and provide the foundation for stories, that often begin and end at significant waterholes.

But the gas fracking industry threatens this unique and precious environment and could irreversibly damage the fragile landscape, communities and industries that rely on it. 

The huge amounts of water required for this damaging industry can only come from the Great Artesian Basin - the lifeblood of the grazing industry. Blowouts, leakage and well failure could significantly contaminate soil and water, impacting wildlife and natural environments.

We can’t let this happen to the global icon. 

It’s time the Premier honours her commitment to protect the heart of our Outback - it’s rivers, wildlife, culture and communities are not worth risking.